WiHM: Actress Angie Stevenson Interview Feb. 19th 2022

Angie Stevenson (pictured above)

Women in Horror Month is still rolling along and the Rude Horror Podcast still has a couple more podcast episodes featuring Women in Horror left to air before the end of the month gets here. In addition to podcasts, I had a chance to chat with Actress Angie Stevenson and do a small interview with her about some of the horror films she’s acted in, Women in Horror of course, and to see what she is working on next. Angie is a California native and has acted in over 100 TV Series and films, some including the hit TV Series Sons of Anarchy, Sci-Fi Alien Anthology film Xenophobia, Devil’s Domain, The Family, Piranhaconda and an upcoming Action Zombie film, Z Dead End. Read below for the full Interview!

If you can recall, what first got you into the Horror genre? 

My first horror film was offered to me by director Joe Hollow to play Carmen in The Family. I remember him telling me he thought I had a very unique voice after my audition and he offered me a small two day shoot in Albany, New York.

Originally my role was much smaller but after I shot the two Directors, Joe Hollow and Wolfgang Myers liked the way I gravitated towards the main character in the scene making it look like I was his lady. They quickly decided to re-write me in as one of the leads and expand on the script.  Within a few weeks I was flying back out to West Virginia to film the rest of the movie. It was a very positive experience for me and Joe Hollow really changed the course of my career and I’ll always be thankful to him for that.

What is your favorite Universal Monster or Universal Monster film?

definitely Frankenstein!

(shown above Angie Stevenson (left) and Eva Hamilton (right) in the upcoming Action Zombie Horror film Z Dead End)

With this being Women in Horror Month, who are some Women in Horror that you think should be recognized in horror?

Well in fact I think everyone should check out my friend and Co-star of Z Dead End, Eva Hamilton. She is a beautifully talented actress. 

Angie Stevenson as Red Devil in Devil’s Domain (2016)

In the 2016 film Devil’s Domain, you played the Red Devil character. What was the make-up FX process like for that film?

Oh my goodness, well I was in the make up chair five hours getting ready two days in a row. It took about an hour and a half to get me out of the costume. The trickiest part which we learned after the first day was that once I was in costume, I couldn’t use the restroom… So the second day they made sure to shoot me out as quick as possible. The teeth were extremely creepy!  I had a teeth mold made prior to filming and they really set the look of the red devil over the top.

Wynorski‘s Piranhaconda starring Angie Stevenson as Debbie

You’ve been in Jim Wynorski’s Piranhaconda, What was it like working with Jim and do you have any fun stories working on that one?

That film was actually a lot of fun to make. Most of the film was shot in Hawaii but my scene was shot at the Arcadia Arboretum. 

Jim hired me for the role of Deb and said “Just show up and Don’t look like sex symbol Angie Stevenson”. Lol in Jim’s charming way…So I came with my own wardrobe of big black reading glasses, khaki shorts and a V-neck sweater. We had a lot of fun filming. 

Z Dead End is an Action Zombie film currently in Production starring Angie Stevenson, Felissa Rose, Kane Hodder, Eva Hamilton, Brinke Stevens and a plethora of other notable genre stars.

You’re part of the cast in the upcoming zombie action film, Z Dead End.  Can you tell us any stories about that film and your experience working on that film?

 We started filming Z Dead End at end at the end of last year and are supposed to pick back up and finish this spring in Los Angeles. 

We filmed in New York and it was action packed. I loved working with the stunt coordinators and stunt Zombies! They were really talented and fantastic! 

 I can’t give up too much, but I will tell you there was a mix-up with the hotel rooms when we arrived and everything was sold out. So….Eva Hamilton and I shared a room and a bed for the first two days. We had a lot of funny moments just meeting for first time on the plane and being tired from the long hours on set and travel. We became instant friends.

Angie Stevenson as Carmen in the Horror/Thriller film The Family (2011)

In 2011 you acted in the Horror Thriller film, The Family, what was your experience like working on that film alongside Modern Day Horror Legends Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Michael Berryman?

Oh my goodness it was such a thrill. They were all wonderful but my most memorable memory was before a scene with Tony Todd. (He could tell I was nervous)  He looked at me, paused for a minute and said “You’re powerful.. All you gotta do is Be Delicious”. (In his dark deep Tony Todd voice) 

. What’s next for Angie Stevenson?

I have a few film projects in the works that I can’t speak of yet.  I’ve also gotten very involved in the growing and evolving cannabis industry. I’m working on launching my own Cannabis a Beverage line called SYRENESS

Is there anything else you’d like to let the fans know or where to follow you?

You can follow my personal Instagram page @Angiestevensonofficial and new business venture @syrenessbrand

Thank you for the interview, Angie!

Interviewed by Marcus Rude of the Rude Horror Podcast

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