Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin Announces Sellouts, Adds Dates for 45th Anniversary of ‘Suspiria’ + Announces Exclusive Collector’s VIP Package

The previously announced 45th Anniversary Tour of Suspiria, performed by Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, has already sold out several shows and have revealed low ticket warnings as well! Due to high demand, the iconic horror collective has added additional shows in Chicago, Philadelphia, Knoxville, Little Rock, and St. Louis! The updated itinerary can be found below and tickets are available HERE!
Composer Claudio Simonetti has written and recorded some of the most influential soundtracks in horror, including Dawn of the Dead, Demons, Deep Red, Tenebre, and countless others, with his seminal work still informing the genre to this day. This year, Simonetti’s Goblin celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Dario Argento’s iconic picture, Suspiria, with a live performance of the score set to a screening of the film! Following the finale of the cult classic, the collective will return after a brief intermission to deliver a set of quintessential Goblin material alongside clips of the songs’ cinematic counterparts. 
The epic three-month-long trek will kick off just in time for Halloween on October 25 in Kansas City, MO and will hit several historic venues, most notably the infamous Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, CO) where The Shining (1980) was filmed.
Before the final curtain draws in St. Louis, MO on December 17, the tour will divert for a one off in Tokyo (JP) on November 18. 
In addition, there are also an EXTREMELY LIMITED number of VIP packages left. Consisting of limited-edition collector’s items that are exclusively available only to ticket holders on this special 45th anniversary tour, these special items will not be made available elsewhere. The pieces include a signed, exclusive silk-screened (by hand) poster produced at Garageland, designed and created by the legendary Lou Xray. Collectors and fans should act now as these will be gone all too soon and no more will be produced after this run,
VIP packages will include:– Limited Silk Screened Poster (signed)- Limited Shirt – VIP laminate- Limited Pin- Early entry- Meet and Greet 
GOBLIN North American Dates:
10/25/22: Kansas City, MO @ Screenland Armour Theatre **SOLD OUT**
10/26/22: Kansas City, MO @ Screenland Armour Theatre **SOLD OUT**
10/27/22: Minneapolis, MN @ Fitzgerald Theater **LOW TICKET ALERT**
10/28/22: Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall **SOLD OUT**
10/29/22: Madison, WI @ The Orpheum Theater 
10/30/22: Milwaukee, WI @ The Oriental Theatre 
10/31/22: Grand Rapids, MI @ Wealthy Theatre 
11/01/22: Detroit, MI @ Flagstar Strand Theatre 
11/02/22: Indianapolis, IN @ The Kan-Kan Brasserie (Matinee)**NEWLY ADDED** 
11/02/22: Indianapolis, IN @ The Kan-Kan Brasserie **SOLD OUT**
11/03/22: Pittsburgh, PA @ Carnegie Music Hall 
11/04/22: Cleveland, OH @ Capitol Theatre **VENUE UPGRADE**
11/05/22: Niagara, NY @ Rapids Theatre **LOW TICKET ALERT**
11/06/22: Ottawa, ON @ Mayfair Theatre **LOW TICKET ALERT**
11/07/22: Montreal, QC @ La Tulipe
 11/08/22: Somerville, MA @ Somerville Theatre **LOW TICKET ALERT**
11/09/22: Queens, NY @ Melrose Ballroom **LOW TICKET ALERT**
11/10/22: Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA **SOLD OUT**
11/11/22: Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA **NEWLY ADDED**
11/11/22: Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA **SOLD OUT**
11/13/22: Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa 
11/14/22: Washington, DC @ The Howard Theatre
 11/15/22: Knoxville TN @ Bijou Theatre **NEWLY ADDED**
11/20/22: New Orleans, LA @ Poor Boys 
11/21/22: Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live Ballroom 
11/22/22: Austin, TX @ Paramount Theatre **LOW TICKET ALERT**
11/23/22: Dallas, TX @ Texas Theatre 
11/26/22: Tempe, AZ @ Nile Theatre 
11/27/22: Los Angeles, CA @ Palace Theatre **LOW TICKET ALERT**
11/29/22: San Francisco, CA @ Castro Theatre **LOW TICKET ALERT**
12/02/22: Portland, OR @ Hollywood Theatre **SOLD OUT**
12/03/22: Portland, OR @ Hollywood Theatre **SOLD OUT**
12/04/22: Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre 
12/05/22: Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre 
12/06/22: Seattle, WA @ El Corazon **LOW TICKET ALERT**
12/09/22: Estes Park, CO @ The Stanley Hotel **LOW TICKET ALERT**
12/10/22: Estes Park, CO @ The Stanley Hotel 
12/12/22: Winnipeg, MB @ The Park Theatre 
12/13/22: Winnipeg, MB @ The Park Theatre 
12/15/22: Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall **NEWLY ADDED**
12/16/22: Little Rock AR @ Ron Robinson Theatre **NEWLY ADDED**
12/17/22 St Louis MO @ Red Flag **NEWLY ADDED**

GOBLIN Japan Dates:11/18/22: Tokyo (JP) @ Club Citta

In addition to standard tickets, VIP packages will also be available and will include:- Limited Silk Screened Poster (signed)- Limited Shirt – VIP laminate- Limited Pin- Early entry- Meet and Greet 
Lineup:Claudio Simonetti: keyboardsDaniele Amador: guitarsCecilia Nappo: bassFederico Maragoni: drums
Official Goblin Website
Apple Music


Conjuring The Beyond Poster Art courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures

Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the release of the supernatural sleep paralysis horror feature CONJURING THE BEYOND from director Calvin More McCarthy (“Mutant Vampires from Planet Neptune”, “A Haunting In Ravenwood”). The film follows a young woman who joins a sleep study, only to discover what haunts her may not just be in her head…

“”Conjuring the Beyond” started as a literal nightmare”, said McCarthy. “About a year ago I had my first and only experience with sleep paralysis. At that moment, when I woke up I immediately thought of it as a movie. What if that WAS real. What if in that state between consciousness and unconsciousness our minds are susceptible to other worlds around us? Maybe the unconscious isn’t such a pretty place. The concept and the overall story for “Conjuring the Beyond” came quickly. It was one of those ideas that feels so hot that it almost writes itself.”

Starring Victoria Grace Borrello, Steve Larkin, Tim Coyle, Neil Green, Jax Kellington, Jon Meggison, and Chynna Rae Shurts, Conjuring the Beyond follows Wanda, recently divorced and feeling lost, who signs up for an alternative sleep study in a desperate attempt to alleviate her worsening mental health. Lead researcher, Dr. Richard Pretorious, is certain he can use hypnosis to combat the frightening condition of sleep paralysis. However, when the other participants start to go missing, and Pretorious becomes increasingly and dangerously obsessed with the “demons” of the human mind, Wanda must unravel the mystery of her condition before it’s too late…

“Breaking Glass is thrilled to be working with such a talented emerging filmmaker, and are happy to include Conjuring the Beyond in our lineup”, said Rich Wolff, CEO at Breaking Glass Pictures. 

Conjuring the Beyond will arrive on September 13 on DVD and Digital, VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, as well as local cable and satellite providers.

For more about Breaking Glass Pictures:

Movie Review: Intinction (2022)

Published 08/18/22

by Marcus Rude

(Intinction poster art)

Intinction is a short horror film made in 2022 written and directed by Bobby Canipe Jr. (Mom n’ Pop: The Indie Video Store Boom of the 80s/90s, Adjust Your Tracking, Shark Exorcist 2) in which this will be undoubtedly wedged into the Nun-Splatter genre with nods from the gore-hounds of horror.

Intinction will be apart of Donald Farmer‘s (RED LIPS, CANNIBAL HOOKERS, SAVAGE VENGEANCE, SHARK EXORCIST, DEBBIE DOES DEMONS) Nundead: Cannibals of The Cloth horror anthology film along with other “Nun” related horror segments.

Intinction is about four young adults venturing into an old house on the edge of town that was once the home of three nuns that cannibalized the rest of the convent, The young adventurous group have no idea what they are about to get themselves into and that the spirits of the cannibalistic nuns have returned.

My thoughts on this film is that Intinction is demented, extremely gory, and even hilarious at times if you dig the cheesy-campy side of horror. But don’t get fooled, this film has some very disturbing and creepy cinematography shots with great effects and a well done score to push the creepiness even further.

Intinction‘s cast includes Morrigan Thompson (DEBBIE DOES DEMONS, THE HOUSE THAT EATS FLESH, upcoming Killer Campout Part II), Cagney Larkin (Mom n’ Pop: The Indie Video Store Boom of the 80s/90s, Babe Beach), and Blair Hoyle (The House Among the Trees, Weredeer, Night Whispers) to name a few.

Look for Intinction to be at various festivals starting with Tiny Terror Con on October 15th.

The Man From Deep River (1972) 50th anniversary today

Umberto Lenzi’s THE MAN FROM DEEP RIVER turns 50 today.

The Man From Deep River is a Horror/Adventure film that was released in Italy August 8th 1972 with a runtime of 1 hour 33 mins.

British photographer John Bradley is taken captive by a native tribe in the rainforest and marries the chief’s daughter; he eventually becomes part of the tribe and helps them in a gruesome war against cannibals.

Starring Burmese actress Me Me Lai of EATEN ALIVEJUNGLE HOLOCAUST fame and well known Italian actor Ivan Rassimov from all titles mentioned above as well as giallo films such as SPASMO, ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK, THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH, YOUR VICE IS A LOCKED ROOM AND ONLY I HAVE THE KEY as well as many other horror and exploitation films.

Trailer link can be found here

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WiHM: Actress Angie Stevenson Interview Feb. 19th 2022

Angie Stevenson (pictured above)

Women in Horror Month is still rolling along and the Rude Horror Podcast still has a couple more podcast episodes featuring Women in Horror left to air before the end of the month gets here. In addition to podcasts, I had a chance to chat with Actress Angie Stevenson and do a small interview with her about some of the horror films she’s acted in, Women in Horror of course, and to see what she is working on next. Angie is a California native and has acted in over 100 TV Series and films, some including the hit TV Series Sons of Anarchy, Sci-Fi Alien Anthology film Xenophobia, Devil’s Domain, The Family, Piranhaconda and an upcoming Action Zombie film, Z Dead End. Read below for the full Interview!

If you can recall, what first got you into the Horror genre? 

My first horror film was offered to me by director Joe Hollow to play Carmen in The Family. I remember him telling me he thought I had a very unique voice after my audition and he offered me a small two day shoot in Albany, New York.

Originally my role was much smaller but after I shot the two Directors, Joe Hollow and Wolfgang Myers liked the way I gravitated towards the main character in the scene making it look like I was his lady. They quickly decided to re-write me in as one of the leads and expand on the script.  Within a few weeks I was flying back out to West Virginia to film the rest of the movie. It was a very positive experience for me and Joe Hollow really changed the course of my career and I’ll always be thankful to him for that.

What is your favorite Universal Monster or Universal Monster film?

definitely Frankenstein!

(shown above Angie Stevenson (left) and Eva Hamilton (right) in the upcoming Action Zombie Horror film Z Dead End)

With this being Women in Horror Month, who are some Women in Horror that you think should be recognized in horror?

Well in fact I think everyone should check out my friend and Co-star of Z Dead End, Eva Hamilton. She is a beautifully talented actress. 

Angie Stevenson as Red Devil in Devil’s Domain (2016)

In the 2016 film Devil’s Domain, you played the Red Devil character. What was the make-up FX process like for that film?

Oh my goodness, well I was in the make up chair five hours getting ready two days in a row. It took about an hour and a half to get me out of the costume. The trickiest part which we learned after the first day was that once I was in costume, I couldn’t use the restroom… So the second day they made sure to shoot me out as quick as possible. The teeth were extremely creepy!  I had a teeth mold made prior to filming and they really set the look of the red devil over the top.

Wynorski‘s Piranhaconda starring Angie Stevenson as Debbie

You’ve been in Jim Wynorski’s Piranhaconda, What was it like working with Jim and do you have any fun stories working on that one?

That film was actually a lot of fun to make. Most of the film was shot in Hawaii but my scene was shot at the Arcadia Arboretum. 

Jim hired me for the role of Deb and said “Just show up and Don’t look like sex symbol Angie Stevenson”. Lol in Jim’s charming way…So I came with my own wardrobe of big black reading glasses, khaki shorts and a V-neck sweater. We had a lot of fun filming. 

Z Dead End is an Action Zombie film currently in Production starring Angie Stevenson, Felissa Rose, Kane Hodder, Eva Hamilton, Brinke Stevens and a plethora of other notable genre stars.

You’re part of the cast in the upcoming zombie action film, Z Dead End.  Can you tell us any stories about that film and your experience working on that film?

 We started filming Z Dead End at end at the end of last year and are supposed to pick back up and finish this spring in Los Angeles. 

We filmed in New York and it was action packed. I loved working with the stunt coordinators and stunt Zombies! They were really talented and fantastic! 

 I can’t give up too much, but I will tell you there was a mix-up with the hotel rooms when we arrived and everything was sold out. So….Eva Hamilton and I shared a room and a bed for the first two days. We had a lot of funny moments just meeting for first time on the plane and being tired from the long hours on set and travel. We became instant friends.

Angie Stevenson as Carmen in the Horror/Thriller film The Family (2011)

In 2011 you acted in the Horror Thriller film, The Family, what was your experience like working on that film alongside Modern Day Horror Legends Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and Michael Berryman?

Oh my goodness it was such a thrill. They were all wonderful but my most memorable memory was before a scene with Tony Todd. (He could tell I was nervous)  He looked at me, paused for a minute and said “You’re powerful.. All you gotta do is Be Delicious”. (In his dark deep Tony Todd voice) 

. What’s next for Angie Stevenson?

I have a few film projects in the works that I can’t speak of yet.  I’ve also gotten very involved in the growing and evolving cannabis industry. I’m working on launching my own Cannabis a Beverage line called SYRENESS

Is there anything else you’d like to let the fans know or where to follow you?

You can follow my personal Instagram page @Angiestevensonofficial and new business venture @syrenessbrand

Thank you for the interview, Angie!

Interviewed by Marcus Rude of the Rude Horror Podcast

WiHM: Director, Actress Destiny Soria Interview Feb. 15th 2022

Destiny Soria (pictured above)

Destiny Soria is a Native American Actress, Director and Writer from Savannah, Georgia and is a very hard working and ambitious lady within the horror genre. She has acting credits in more than 130 films and TV Series with 26 of them being within the Horror genre alone. Some titles include Hallowflix & Kill, Terror Eyes, Brides of Satan, Texas Tall Tales, Toxic Alien Zombie Babes From Outer Space and one of her latest big projects, Christmas Slasher which she is also the Director, Writer, Producer on.

I’ve had her on the Rude Horror Podcast in the past to talk more in depth about Christmas Slasher during it’s Crowdfunding campaign. If you would like to listen to the episode click on the link here.

Since this month is considered Women in Horror Month (February) I wanted to interview Destiny because I know she is working very hard on various projects and always has that “Go-Getter” mentality that I admire. Here is the written interview with Destiny Soria.

If you can recall, what first got you into the Horror genre?

My mom, She will watch movies with me. My first movie with her was A Nightmare On Elm Street. She loved horror films and wanted to share that with me even when I was super young. 

What is your favorite Universal Monster or Universal Monster film?

My favorite would be the Werewolf. 

With this being Women in Horror Month, who are some Women in Horror that you think should be recognized and are there any horror films that have great portrayals of Women in Horror?

Sarah French,  in BLIND She is a very kind person. 

Back when I had you on the podcast last time, we talked about your upcoming film, Christmas Slasher, can you give us any new updates on the film?

We just finished the film and have a new teaser coming out soon. Right now we’re just getting it edited and clay animation done. Right now with this being worked on and other life problems, we really don’t have a release date for it. 

If you could work with anyone within the horror genre, who would you want to work with and why?

Rob Zombie. I’ve been hearing from my films that I kinda have the same eyes as him in directing. So I would love to work with him and bring on a new project together. Get our ideas together on something would be cool. 

Being both a director and an actress, do you find it hard to do both jobs or do you prefer one or the other more?
It’s hard to do both. I love acting more. So I will be having a director work with me on my films. 

What can you tell us about the film Crave: Roots of Evil that’s currently in the works?

I Haven’t really been on set for that and have no clue what’s going on with it. I know I have a role, but haven’t got any updates on it. 

Do you have a favorite type of sub genre of horror? 

Comedy and paranormal 

What are some of your favorite horror films?

The Blob, Sleepwalkers, Cat’s Eye, Man’s Best Friend 

What are some horror films that you recommend people to check out?

  An American Werewolf in London , A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Blob 

What’s next for Destiny Soria?

Just finish writing a new script for a Sci-fi horror I’ll be working on next in a year or so. 

Is there anything else you’d like to let the fans know?

Facebook @christmasslasher

IG @christmasslashermovie

website coming soon.

Thank you Destiny for doing the interview!

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Holiday Horror film, Christmas Slasher starring Felissa Rose, Lloyd Kaufman, Nicholas Brendon, Destiny Soria, and Jason John Cicalese to name a few.

Written Interview by Marcus Rude – Rude Horror Podcast

RHP EP 84. Nancy O’Brien (The Backlot Murders, We Kill For Love)

EP 84: In this episode of the Rude Horror Podcast, to kick off Women in Horror Month special guest Nancy O’Brien comes on the show to talk about Women in Horror, Universal Monsters, George Romero films, and her own work within the Horror Genre. Nancy is an actress, Playboy model, Director and writer. She’s acted in the 2002 slasher comedy horror film, The Backlot Murders and is in an upcoming Doc We Kill For Love about the Erotic Thriller genre and is currently Writing and Directing her own horror films that we talk about in the podcast called Hairball and Cabin

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Gamer Themed Comedy Horror film JACK BE NIMBLE starring Bai Ling & Vernon Wells World Premiere April 2022

On January 24, 2022 — Furious Nerd Productions announced the upcoming release of the feature film, Jack Be Nimble. This film was written and directed by award winning Director Steve Wollett during the height of the Covid-19 epidemic.  The film stars the legendary Bai Ling (The Crow, Crank: High Voltage, Red Corner) and Vernon Wells (Commando, The Road Warrior: Mad Max 2). Jack Be Nimble is a comedy about old gamers set inside a nursing facility, where five old school role players live out their twilight years. They still game, and this gaming is what is keeping their spirits alive. One day, one of the gamers, who just happens to be suffering from alcoholic induced dementia, comes to suspect that a staff member is a demon. He gathers his friends and together they begin the quest they have been waiting for.
“This film has a magic that I have not seen on a set since Mad Max” said Vernon Wells at the wrap party for Jack be Nimble.

Jack Be Nimble is scheduled to have its World Premiere in April 2022. The film has been entered into Fantasia, Tribeca, as well as several other festivals. A private screening of the film is schedule at Total Con on February 26. All who attend the convention may come to see it for free. For more information go to
Nerd culture has become mainstream culture in recent years. Jack Be Nimble was inspired by the nerds that made this possible. With people like Gary Gygax, Mike Pondsmith, Stan Lee, and others, who gave us the characters and worlds we have come to love. As many of these greats are now dead or very old, Jack Be Nimble was inspired by their lives. The film answers the question of what we, as gamers, may be like when we are seventy or eighty years old. Better yet, it looks at how nursing facilities might be in the age of the geek.
“Truly the best director and project I have worked with,” said Michelle Brown Houston, Project Manager for Furious Nerd Productions.

For more information on Furious Nerd Productions, go to

Look for a Review of the film from Marcus of the Rude Horror Podcast sometime in the future! The Extended Trailer can be seen below.

Special thanks to Steve Wollett

Celebrating Women in Horror Month on the Rude Horror Podcast

It’s officially Women in Horror Month (WiHM) so I’m stoked to announce the very talented guests that I’ll have on the show this month, Director Actress Writer Nancy O’Brien (The Backlot Murders,We Kill For Love), Director Producer Actress Hannah Fierman (V/H/S, Time’s Up, Dark Circles, Creepshow Series,Dementophobia), Actress SPFX & Makeup Artist Fallon Maressa (Shark Exorcist 2, Ill, Ligeia), and Actress Producer Director Eva Hamilton (Ruin Me, Death Kiss,Campfire, Z Dead End, The Shed).

Should be an incredible month talking about Women in Horror & their own work within the horror genre. Stay Tuned the first episode to kick off WiHM will be with Nancy O’Brien. #wihm#womeninhorror#rudehorrorpodcast#horrorpodcast#nancyobrien#hannahfierman#fallonmaressa#evahamilton#Actress#Director#Writer#spfx#makeup#horrorfilms#horrorgenre#podcast#horrordiscussion

RHP EP 83. The Line… with Brett Clements (Nightmare aka Atmosfear)

EP 83: Director, Writer, Game Designer Brett Clements is our special guest in today’s episode, Brett is one of the designers of the early 90’s hit video board game NIGHTMARE or the UK fans may know it as ATMOSFEAR. Not only did he help create the game but he also directed all the videos for the game series! 

So get ready for conversations about Nightmare in Brett’s first interview in 25 years about the board game and how it came to be and what it was like behind the scenes creating Nightmare and also hear about what he is up to currently, on the Rude Horror Podcast.

Link to the unreleased ATMOSFEAR SNES gameplay:

Music provided by Nitelight:

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