Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the release of the supernatural sleep paralysis horror feature CONJURING THE BEYOND from director Calvin More McCarthy (“Mutant Vampires from Planet Neptune”, “A Haunting In Ravenwood”). The film follows a young woman who joins a sleep study, only to discover what haunts her may not just be in her head… “”Conjuring the Beyond” started…More

Movie Review: Intinction (2022)

Published 08/18/22 by Marcus Rude Intinction is a short horror film made in 2022 written and directed by Bobby Canipe Jr. (Mom n’ Pop: The Indie Video Store Boom of the 80s/90s, Adjust Your Tracking, Shark Exorcist 2) in which this will be undoubtedly wedged into the Nun-Splatter genre with nods from the gore-hounds of…More

The Man From Deep River (1972) 50th anniversary today

Umberto Lenzi’s THE MAN FROM DEEP RIVER turns 50 today. The Man From Deep River is a Horror/Adventure film that was released in Italy August 8th 1972 with a runtime of 1 hour 33 mins. British photographer John Bradley is taken captive by a native tribe in the rainforest and marries the chief’s daughter; he…More

WiHM: Actress Angie Stevenson Interview Feb. 19th 2022

Women in Horror Month is still rolling along and the Rude Horror Podcast still has a couple more podcast episodes featuring Women in Horror left to air before the end of the month gets here. In addition to podcasts, I had a chance to chat with Actress Angie Stevenson and do a small interview with…More


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