Celebrating Women in Horror Month on the Rude Horror Podcast

It’s officially Women in Horror Month (WiHM) so I’m stoked to announce the very talented guests that I’ll have on the show this month, Director Actress Writer Nancy O’Brien (The Backlot Murders,We Kill For Love), Director Producer Actress Hannah Fierman (V/H/S, Time’s Up, Dark Circles, Creepshow Series,Dementophobia), Actress SPFX & Makeup Artist Fallon Maressa (Shark Exorcist 2, Ill, Ligeia), and Actress Producer Director Eva Hamilton (Ruin Me, Death Kiss,Campfire, Z Dead End, The Shed).

Should be an incredible month talking about Women in Horror & their own work within the horror genre. Stay Tuned the first episode to kick off WiHM will be with Nancy O’Brien. #wihm#womeninhorror#rudehorrorpodcast#horrorpodcast#nancyobrien#hannahfierman#fallonmaressa#evahamilton#Actress#Director#Writer#spfx#makeup#horrorfilms#horrorgenre#podcast#horrordiscussion

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