RHP EP 82. Director Tony Cadwell (Balsam: A Paranormal Investigation)

Episode 82: Director Writer Producer Tony Cadwell is our guest on the Rude Horror Podcast to discuss his latest Paranormal Investigation Documentary, Balsam: A Paranormal Investigation lead by the one and only Kane Hodder! We also talk about his Clown sighting Found Footage film Behind The Sightings, Film Distribution, the world of Paranormal, what’s next for Tony and of course more into the horror genre.

Make sure to check out http://h13media.com/ for more info on his films and also where to buy the physical copies of the films!

RHP would like to thank Nitelight for providing music to the show – https://nitelight.bandcamp.com/

For info on Midwest Monster Fest: http://www.mwmonsterfest.com/

RHP is apart of the Prescribed Films Podcast Network #thePFPN https://prescribedfilms.wixsite.com/home/pfpn

Website: www.rudehorrorpodcast.com


Email: rudehorror@gmail.com

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