Interview with Casey Kriley and Jo Sharon Co-CEOs of Magical Elves and EPs of “Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween.” 

Recently I had a chance to briefly chat with the Co-CEOs of Magical Elves and Executive Producers of Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween, Casey Kriley and Jo Sharon. Below is the Q&A!

What is the Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween special?

From BuzzFeed Studios, Magical Elves and the minds of Tasty, the world’s largest digital food network, SNOOP AND MARTHA’S VERY TASTY HALLOWEEN is a competition special hosted by Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, featuring talented bakers who face off in a delectable Halloween showdown. 

So tell me about Magical Elves and how did this unscripted production company get started?

Magical Elves started twenty years ago with a group of amazing people who are like-minded and passionate about the work they do. We want to make great programming together telling authentic stories and we all share that common goal.  

What made you want to get involved in a spooky themed television special and how did the Halloween themed special come about?

We partnered with Buzzfeed’s Tasty, and as huge fans of the Tasty brand, we were excited to work with them on this. At Tasty the food is really the star, so we knew we wanted to put the focus on the food. Another tenet of their brand, which we share at Magical Elves, is that everything needs to be unique and fresh, and never been done before. So we looked at what had previously been done in the baking competition space and with different Holiday and Halloween content. We realized that there had never been anything with true scope and scale and we wanted to create something bigger and grander. 

What was it like working behind the scenes with Snoop Dogg and Martha? Do you have any fun stories to tell about them?

Martha and Snoop’s dynamic is incredible to witness. Their friendship is authentic and really heartwarming to see. They truly care about each other and love to hang out together. ​ ​Buzzfeed Tasty’s Alvin Zhou ​joined them as a judge and they had instant chemistry together. Snoop and Martha really gelled with Alvin. We had a lot of fun watching them truly enjoy themselves during the shoot. 

Halloween is often regarded as a scary and spooky time of year but there is also a lot of creative and very imaginative artistry that comes out of Halloween. I think this is where the baking show in the Halloween themed special really blend together well, could you see this being a recurring thing every Halloween season?

Definitely! Halloween is a great time for people to showcase their creativity and ​this special highlighted some amazing artists. We had an ice sculptor, a sugar artist, incredible bakers, and more. We were blown away by the contestant’s skills and what they were able to accomplish. 

Could you see Magical Elves doing more horror related content in the future?

We recently had a Halloween inspired episode on another one of our shows, Top Chef Family Style, and released a Nailed It! Cookbook that has some creepy Halloween recipes included. We had so much fun producing “Snoop and Martha’s Very Tasty Halloween” special, we’d love to do more in the future!

Thank you Casey and Jo for taking the time to chat and Happy Halloween everyone!

-Marcus Rude of the Rude Horror Podcast

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